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International & domestic air:

All our senior consultants have access to the latest technology and combined with their knowledge and our ongoing training will enable each of them to provide you with the best multi-sector airfares.

Corporate agreements:

Travel Xcellence will negotiate and put into place airline agreements with preferred carriers, which will afford you significant savings on air travel internationally as well as domestically.

International and domestic accommodation:

Travel Xcellence books all hotels worldwide, and prepays all accommodation when necessary, quoting all available discounts and commercial rates.

Travel Xcellence will negotiate preferential rates resulting in savings up to 20%. All reservations will be channelled through our state of the art computer reservations facilities. All reservations made on your behalf will be reflected on the monthly business management report, compiling a detailed history and statistical record with supporting invoices.

Car hire:

Travel Xcellence is a leading car hire supporter, and as a result this close relationship is of great benefit to you in both obtaining rentals and negotiating preferential agreements.

Travel Xcellence represents all car hire companies. We process the bookings and confirmations as well as supply the necessary vouchers. All car hire reservations will be processed through our Galileo reservations system and are reflected concisely on the monthly management reports.

Travel insurance & assistance:

Travel Xcellence provides travel insurance and assistance if your company does not have corporate travel cover already in place.

Credit card cover:

Travel Xcellence uses market leaders in comprehensive cost effective insurance travel cover. Travel Xcellence advises all travellers to consider adequate insurance cover for peace of mind.

Medical Insurance is essential for travel worldwide.

Features and Benefits

  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Medical cost paid directly to suppliers
  • Largest Assistance company in the world
  • Centres worldwide operating 24-hours a day
  • Representation in over 200 countries
  • Legal Assistance
  • Default cash benefit
  • Personal Accident: death/permanent disability

All travelers whose tickets are paid for on a credit card have the additional advantage of basic travel cover. However, again we suggest on an extensive overseas trip, that this is extended, for example most travel insurers offer phase 2 additional cover, at a cost.

Foreign exchange services:

This facility will be offered to all international and regional passengers. A 24-hour notice period is required. Delivery will be arranged to your travellers at their office, saving valuable time and money, as this service is free of charge. The whole range of traveller’s cheques will be available.

Visa services:

South African and foreign passport holders require this facility on an ongoing basis, and this service is an essential component of a successfully planned business trip. There is a nominal fee charged for this service.

Travel Xcellence will undertake to provide:

  • application forms
  • requirement details
  • time delays
  • messenger services
Air travel card / Corporate card:

In order to have the most convenient and cost-effective payment method, may we suggest payment be made with an Air Travel Card/Corporate Card.
The advantages of this system are as follows:

  • Convenience – as the card is issued to Travel Xcellence
  • 30 Day credit facility
  • Built in insurance
  • Detailed financial statement report
  • No financial services charges on administration fees

Travel Xcellence will obtain the designated Air Travel Card/Corporate Card on behalf of your company, depending on your requirements. Air Travel Cards/Corporate Cards are available from all major banking institutions

Travel information:

Travel Xcellence will provide you with complimentary airline schedules, hotel brochures and information on special packages, which offer discounts and specials, which can be extremely cost effective.


Travel Xcellence provides each traveller with 2 itineraries, one for the passenger and one for their parents/spouse. We also supply the physical address, telephone and fax numbers of all hotels. Maps and general travel information are provided on request.

Conferences & Incentives:

In association with FMC, we can provide a comprehensive and personalised conference & incentive service to ensure that your company has the best and most cost-effective solution to suit your requirements. Travel Xcellence has an up to date knowledge of the destinations and venues available.

Account requirements:

You will be issued an independent account number which will reflect a detailed account of all your transactions. Travel Xcellence has a specialised accounts division, equipped with the latest travel accounting technology. This enables Travel Xcellence to capture and submit precise data essential for effective business management reports

Service support:

Travel Xcellence perceives itself as a partner to your company. In line with this belief we would support our involvement through the following steps.

  • Negotiate and develop your company’s corporate travel account using our extensive expertise and experience
  • Travel Xcellence Senior Travel consultants will develop an in-depth knowledge of your companies corporate culture and systems.

Travel Xcellence consultants will commit themselves to providing the best service and advice for your travellers to make their trip as smooth, efficient, stress free and cost effective as possible.

24 Hour Service:

Travel Xcellence managers are available 24 hours a day on cellular phones. Although batteries “expire” each has a message service and this is checked by each individual a minimum of twice daily


Travel Xcellence works in affiliation with

  • FMC Solutions – Full solution providers of corporate Incentives and Conferences
  • Thebe Investments – Invests in and actively managers business delivering innovated and relevant products and services
  • Club Travel - Africa’s leading travel agency

Travel Xcellence is a registered member of ;

  • IATA – International Air Transportation Association
  • ASATA - Association of South African Travel Agents.

You will be issued independent account numbers, which will reflect exact data on travel arrangements and reservations transacted.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.